🍫Chocolate Market 4 # (July.9th – July.20th)


Dove has​ announced that ZHAO LIYING & WU YIFAN ( Two of ​​the most popular idols in China) will play an important role in their next ​marketing campaign. This campaign will be ​launched within 3month,and considered will have the potential ​to gain most of attention from young consumers.


GODIVA preparing for its new campaign of  CHINESE’S VALENTINES DAY on Weibo, #LOVE SONG LETTER, and  also keep ​launching the new products- ‘SUMMER LOVE’ with the ​new gifting package designed by artist.



Milka  keep posting interactive activity on Weibo to promote its products on TMALL Online-Supermarket. Sharing the Link with friends, then will have a chance to win the lucky gifts. Though the gifts are not that attractive, the activity is related to nowadays popular lifestyle- sharing​ photos of foods​ on social media before having them​.

Meanwhile, OREO is cooperating with MEITU and has launched a social activation.​

Compare to the Milka​ interactive activation, it ​has ​lasted for a​n entire​ month, however ​it didn’t work so ​well.​ The participant was required to take a photo and posting it on Weibo and @OREO ​to get​ a chance to win the MEITU cellphone which has the Auto Beautify Shooting Mode. Though MEITU cellphone is super hot in the new generations, but there’s not much people would like to take a selfie with stupid expression  and sharing it on social media. Also the gift(MEITU Cellphone) is mainly popular in girls, ​so it’s not cover​ing​ the whole target audience. As a result,  it ended up  with a low engagement.

Chocolate Market #3 (June.25th – July.9th)

What’s popular in young generation

Dove   promoted a new product— Sour Flavor Chocolate Compound With Yogurt And Cranberry , They continue their comic approach to communicating with the young generation.

Noticeably, there’s a highlight(red) on Dove’s new product packaging— 100% Imported Milk SourceUsing.  This product is exclusively available in FAMILY & 7-11. And for its unconventional taste (fresh and crisp), it has caught a positive social buzz on Weibo.

Play a summer Lucky Draw Game

Hershey’s   published an activity— Lucky Draw Game on WeChat (gift include logo key chain and cap) to remind customer never forget to take a bite of Hershey’s chocolate on summer.

Live style & brand aesthetic sharing

Ferrero   continues publishing content for #费尝生活 #Taste life with Ferrero and #费列罗创意小馆#Ferrero Creative Cube on Weibo,to share images of lifestyle and aesthetic of Ferrero by using creative Rocher & Kinder chocolate displaying graphics.


Gift HER a ‘Summer Love’

GODIVA promoted a new crossover product — Summer Love on offline stores to facilitate the communication of Chinese Valentine’s Day with their consumer.

In the meanwhile, they set up a ‘Redeem Points’ system on the Official website for consumption expense and customer relationship maintenance.



It’s time to DIY your Milka chocolate ice-cream

Milka   launched a social activation #融情一夏# # Tenderness With Milka In This Summer rousing consumer to create a Milka chocolate ice-cream for the dog days. The consumer who shares a picture of their own summer tenderness story will have a chance to win the ice-cream DIY machine.


Chocolate Market #2 (May.12th – May.26th)

– ‘520’  I LOVE YOU

Nowadays May 20th  becomes a special occasion for Chinese people to express the affections to the Loved ones, as “5.20” pronounce like I LOVE YOU in Chinese.


Gifting Milka To Your Lover

Milka sees 5.20 as a special occasion to share the tenderness moment with the loved ones. They posted an article on WeChat as a 5.20 tip – gifting the Milka Chocolate together with the flower.

Kiss Dinner Party

Hershey’s held an offline event inviting lovely couples at the bund to join the “Kisses Dinner Party”on 5.20 , and post an article online to get consumer participate in an AR game hosted in Taobao.

Tea & Chocolate Gifting Set

Ferrero introduced the gift set which included a box of chocolate and the Twinning Earl Grey Tea to celebrate the Mother’s day and 5.20.




Snickers Helps You To Prepare For The Exam

Snickers collaborate with OneShow Youth Chinese award, came up with the brief for the creative young people: “Make Snickers become the first thing the hungry examinee think of during the exam preparation.” Here is links to some selected works: Post 1Post 2Post 3.


Chocolate Market #1 (April.1st – May.12th)


Milka created a social activation for May—#融情真爱粉# #True lover of Tenderness#, engaging the consumer in shouting out love to their loved ones, consumer who share the little tenderness story(picture) will have a chance to win the photo printer at the end of this month. In the meanwhile, Milka produced a post on WeChat, using Lilac as first person tone to introduce the secret story behind the Milka chocolate —The magic of the Alpine world.


Dove collaborated with Japanese cartoonist Yamakan 山本宽, created a serial of Japanese cartoon video to promote matcha , lemon and strawberry flavor chocolate.       In the meanwhile engage the fans to fills out the characters’ line to create different dialogues on Weibo


Snickers created new campaign “TFBOYS vs The exam preparation hungers”, featured TFBOYS in a series of content videos as the west cowboys, helping the examinee to solve the hungry and low energy issues during the exam preparation period.  At the same time, Snickers engaged the consumer through varied online activations, such as design the posters or board game characters, the main participants were TFBOYS’s fans.


Godiva put more emphasize on the offline shopping experience and recently announced their seasonal Chocolixir drink is starting to sell in the physical stores. The seasonal drinks fit well with the summery vibe and there is a potential opportunity for Milka to innovate in the beverage market.


In terms of E-commerce,  both Dove and Hershey’s involved AR technic (黑科技)into their product, it allows the consumer to make interaction with chocolate taste but also the package images they created.