ABI Industry News #4

Budweiser snatches halloween as newest brand celebration


Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.57.29 PM.pngBudweiser has been big on the clubbing and party occasion, and has gone on to represent the western party spirit among young people. This time Budweiser has it’s eye on another fast growing celebration, and taking the opportunity to own the occasion build a stronger connection with millennials. The Bloodweiser is a special pack that includes a coloring liquid that turns the beer liquid red and becomes a perfect accessory during the occasion.

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Budweiser on the importance of female drinkers in China

Beer has been in general a male oriented products, because of the focus on emotional story telling by brands, increasingly female recognition of beer brands are becoming influencing factor in male choices of beer in China.

Of course new opportunities and new occasions are always enticing, as Budweiser’s VP of Marketing pointed out that “for a brand to keep building loyalty it has to keep evolving”, but Budweiser certainly has come a long way from the clydesdale marching pride of America to the EDM party, halloween costume party it feels like Budweiser’s hopped on too many trains that it doesn’t know where it’s heading.



Carlsberg embracing its roots as the first craft brewery

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As all big beer brands are facing the challenge from craft beer Carlsberg have chosen a narrative that challenges boutique brewers’ monopoly over craft beer.

Small breweries are using the idea of craft being about small-scale brewing against us as a marketing tool.

Export: Carlsberg’s latest move to upgrade the premium image of it’s lager

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Being a big brand does not take away Carlsberg’s prestige as one of the first craft beer breweries and is still operate the same way as when it first opened it’s doors. Aside from focusing on improving the product quality and freshness, Carlsberg also prides itself in having a purpose that is to give back more to the world.


We are a company with a purpose. Lots of big international breweries are guilty of taking more from the world than giving back.

Rasmus Bendtsen, Carlsberg


By definition all big beer brands were once a local craft breweries, and back in the day there were as much if not more innovations that went into beer as is does today. The problem people have with big beers are not in their beers which clearly exemplified by the speed that these bland lagers fly off the shelf, but their general lack in sense of purpose other than the Carlsberg’s approach of defining the brand purpose in more than just answering to mindless growth and shareholder values.




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