BMW Industry News Update #3 (29.Jul-11.Aug)

Hi Bimmers,

This summer, BMW has been taking some actions in China market to follow the trend. Let’s share!

1. SHARING – BMW kickoffs car sharing in China.

Recently in Shenyang, Liaoning province, BMW put 1500 cars into Sharing market. This is the first stop of BMW’s sharing car plan in China. More than 1400 car parkings are open to use and users can find the car with BMW APP. The current Sharing price is 1.5 rmb/km. More Info



2. In July, Audi is catching up its BBA competitors.

As noted in the semi annual report , Audi didn’t perform well in its half-year sales. This July, after launching the new models of A3 and A5, Audi has realized an upswing. Nevertheless, it is expected that raking in the BBA echelon won’t shift in a short term. Meanwhile, BMW is putting emphasis on developing hybrid energy and trying to take over a competitive advantage in this field. More Info 


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