ABI Industry News Update #3

Female drinkers increase for Corona and Hoegaarden


Corona and Hoegaarden highlights latest growth in China driven by female consumers who find the brands focus on heritage, uniqueness and serving tradition attractive.



Millennials are leaving beer for wine and weed


Goldman Sachs have downgraded rating of Boston Beer Company (Owner of Samuel Adams and Angry Orchard) and Constellation Brands (Corona, Modelo and Ballast Point) anticipating slowdown in sales as millennials converting to wine, spirits and cannabis. For China while import beers in are still premium choices, Chinese millennials are definitely excited about going broader with beer choices. The challenge presented to our premium brands with increasing popularity of craft beer is figuring out how to communicate our craft heritage and nuances of brand sophistication that most Chinese millennial consumers are paying for.



Qingdao Launches the 27th Qingdao Beer Festival

First started in 1991, the 2 week event celebrates culture, arts, food and of course beer. This August Qingdao invites the public to join more than 200 beer brands, featuring star studded evening gala, light sculptures with plenty of food and drinks, and rock concert given by American rock bands in a celebration of beer culture.




Qingdao’s new late night beer wants to tell your story



Collaborating with the new TV show “ Late Night Cafeteria”, Qingdao created a special lineup of beers tailored especially to the late night drinkers. To promote the beer Qingdao wanted people to get creative and tell their stories about late nights and food through art and writing and featured the best 100 stories on the beer’s special packaging. Beer is always better when there’s friends and stories, but when it’s late night and you’re drinking alone some heart felt stories on on a can would definitely go well with a late night convenience take out.


Qingdao created a livestream session with KOLs sharing late night stories on the top of the great wall.



Fried Fried Chicken Chicken Beer

'Fried Fried Chicken Chicken' beer contains real fried chicken - UPI.com.clipular

Virginia’s The veil Brewing introduced a new Fried Chicken beer that is brewed with trace amounts of fried chicken. We keep talking about interesting new beers,why? Because it is of the spirit of brewing to constantly have fun with your beer just like the monks who made the awesome tasting Hoegaardens. “Orange peel? sounds good. Coriander? I don’t know what that is but i want it in my beer. ” We want our consumers to know that we love beer, what better way than to have more fun with it like limited edition fried chicken coronas and strawberry and elderflower infused Hoegaardens?5892761162350592.jpeg


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