BMW Communication#3 (29.July-11.Aug)

Hi Bimmers,

In the past weeks, this endlessly creative world has come up with more amazing ideas. Let’s take a look together!


1. How to purchase a car? When your answer to this is still limited to “offline dealership”, Tmall has already made a breakthrough to say “No”.

The Tmall Car Vending Machine brings out a future lifestyle. Consumers could use their Alipay credits to get car on loan. This new way of purchase is still a concept by now, while the sense of young and freedom delivered by the message aims to build connection between car brand images and youngsters. More Info


2. Looking for a completed collection of BMW prints in China? Here it is!

Since 2009, all BMW communications have been focusing on the the core value of JOY. From a visual points of view, the car has always been in a dominant position of the image. While for the copy, there shows a developing exploration of brands’ value.  More Info 



1. In BMW Beijing branding center, there is a room exhibiting BMW users’ lifestyle choices.  Now, Volkswagen brings such an Experience Room to their consumers.

Different from BMW using an experience room for brand training, Volkswagen makes this place a destination where consumers would love to spend some time. Interaction is put at the center of the room’s design and visitors are invited to be part of the brand’s story.





2. Alan Peckolick, an influential designer who created several widely recognized images, including the corporate logos for General Motors and Mercedes Benz, and who made the imaginative use of lettering the focus of his designs, died Aug. 3 at an age of 76. For your reference, here are some of his works.


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