Monthly special combo #2

Good publicity or bad publicity

Lululemon and Under Armour battle over bra design.

Rebook to wade into social issue through a mocking tweet.

Lululemon pays penalty for its misleading website representations.


UFC-Reebok deal is forcing fighters to leave UFC.

Nike to prepare for a seamless transition of jersey switch.

Lululemon is defending its turf through design patent.


Lululemon filed a patent infringement lawsuit—something the company has a history of doing—related to a sports bra design. Design patent suits are rare in the fashion industry, because fashion usually moves too quickly for manufacturers to bother with the patent process. As they are trying to turn their innovative design into a competitive advantage. Lululemon took legal protection can be seen as a PR move, sending warning message to other companies.


Reebok schooling Trump on what not to say to a woman.


On Friday afternoon, Reebok tweeted a flowchart trolling Trump’s recent famous comment to French President’s wife that quickly spread online. During his visit to Paris, Trump was caught on camera telling Brigitte Macron, that she was “in such good shape – beautiful,” a comment some viewed as sexism and ageism aimed at the first lady of France, who is 64.

Reebok’s mocking tweet was the most prominent example of brands taking advantage of a news event to boost themselves and send a message to customers. Many companies have critiqued Trump’s moves, including the travel ban and the Paris climate agreement, but they’ve typically done so with the safety of numbers. Reebok as few sports brand that try to seize on controversial social issue to amplify the viewpoints of sports-related tension.

Consumers watchdog to accused Lululemon for its no refund claims.



The consumer watchdog highlighted two messages used in online that claimed all sale items were “yours for keeps, so no returns and no exchanges.” Australian Competition\

UFC-Reebok deal is forcing fighters to leave UFC


Light heavyweight champion Ryan bader who is departing the UFC for Bellator MMA made headlines when he said he was making at least three or four times more in sponsorship earning for Bellator than he did under UFC-Reebok deal.

Complaints about sponsorships in MMA are nothing new, ever since the contract set in effect in 2015 there has been non-stop complaints on how the deal is exploiting UFC fights. It granted Reebok dominance over fight week sponsorship which has taken away the freedom from their fighters to seek for their own sponsors. Exclusive sponsorship deal made people question the legality of UFC policy.

Nike to prepare for a seamless transition of jersey switch


More than two years after the NBA announced to become the league’s official uniform provider, the logistics are beginning to fall into place. The idea of switching out all of the existing product for that which is yet to come seems like a daunting task it includes actual outfitting and the development of the product for the players. With nike become the first NBA apparel partner to have its logo appear on NBA uniforms, there are also changes made to designation, and few teams’ secondary logos.  As sustainability has become a top priority, Nike revealed that new jerseys will be made of recycled plastic water bottles.

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