BMW Communication#2 (14.July-28.July)

Wieden+Kennedy London has revealed its latest work for Honda “Dream Makers”- a roller coaster ride through the creative process and the Techniques involved in bringing Dreams to life.

“Dream Makers” is a tribute to the craft and innovation behind the films making and Honda vehicles, it presents 4 different film genres in four different short films, featuring four different Honda model within the 90-seconds.

New Jaguar E-pace sets Guinness world record for furthest barrel roll

Jaguar made its new 2018 E-Pace crossover SUV world premiere a little more special. The car is unveilings with record-breaking barrel rolls, with the stunt driver – the holder of 21 Guinness World Records achievement and all-around badass Terry Grant behind the wheel of the E-pace.  Click for more info

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