Chocolate Market #3 (June.25th – July.9th)

What’s popular in young generation

Dove   promoted a new product— Sour Flavor Chocolate Compound With Yogurt And Cranberry , They continue their comic approach to communicating with the young generation.

Noticeably, there’s a highlight(red) on Dove’s new product packaging— 100% Imported Milk SourceUsing.  This product is exclusively available in FAMILY & 7-11. And for its unconventional taste (fresh and crisp), it has caught a positive social buzz on Weibo.

Play a summer Lucky Draw Game

Hershey’s   published an activity— Lucky Draw Game on WeChat (gift include logo key chain and cap) to remind customer never forget to take a bite of Hershey’s chocolate on summer.

Live style & brand aesthetic sharing

Ferrero   continues publishing content for #费尝生活 #Taste life with Ferrero and #费列罗创意小馆#Ferrero Creative Cube on Weibo,to share images of lifestyle and aesthetic of Ferrero by using creative Rocher & Kinder chocolate displaying graphics.


Gift HER a ‘Summer Love’

GODIVA promoted a new crossover product — Summer Love on offline stores to facilitate the communication of Chinese Valentine’s Day with their consumer.

In the meanwhile, they set up a ‘Redeem Points’ system on the Official website for consumption expense and customer relationship maintenance.



It’s time to DIY your Milka chocolate ice-cream

Milka   launched a social activation #融情一夏# # Tenderness With Milka In This Summer rousing consumer to create a Milka chocolate ice-cream for the dog days. The consumer who shares a picture of their own summer tenderness story will have a chance to win the ice-cream DIY machine.


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