Chocolate Market #2 (May.12th – May.26th)

– ‘520’  I LOVE YOU

Nowadays May 20th  becomes a special occasion for Chinese people to express the affections to the Loved ones, as “5.20” pronounce like I LOVE YOU in Chinese.


Gifting Milka To Your Lover

Milka sees 5.20 as a special occasion to share the tenderness moment with the loved ones. They posted an article on WeChat as a 5.20 tip – gifting the Milka Chocolate together with the flower.

Kiss Dinner Party

Hershey’s held an offline event inviting lovely couples at the bund to join the “Kisses Dinner Party”on 5.20 , and post an article online to get consumer participate in an AR game hosted in Taobao.

Tea & Chocolate Gifting Set

Ferrero introduced the gift set which included a box of chocolate and the Twinning Earl Grey Tea to celebrate the Mother’s day and 5.20.




Snickers Helps You To Prepare For The Exam

Snickers collaborate with OneShow Youth Chinese award, came up with the brief for the creative young people: “Make Snickers become the first thing the hungry examinee think of during the exam preparation.” Here is links to some selected works: Post 1Post 2Post 3.


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