BMW Communication #1 (30.Jun-13.Jul)

Hi Bimmers,

Time to knock at the door of inspirations!


  1. STORIES, STORIES, STORIES, Every brand has a story to share, but is yours really worth to be read? 

“I have a BMW. Do you have story?” Inspirational quotes always matches well with runners who bear passion and perseverance in mind. Applying the right format to target the right group of people, BMW wechat page finds the key to free the great stories in their audiences’ life. 

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Toyota “Crossover the World” drives the audience through their good old days. Cooperating with the classic game “Street Fighter” 街头霸王, Toyota C-HR strives to target the young generation who played the game in their youth while now have grown up to an age of purchasing their own car. C-HR becomes part of the audiences’ stories, something they want to share and find resonances among peers. 


2. Find plain information about brand history and dull introduction to model features too hard to attract attention?  Make it playful.




To create sustainable connection with consumers, history is an essential part of the brand story. The Renault H5 used a combo of “aggressive title + playful visualization” to maintain attention throughout the whole reading process.






Starting with a little trick, this Bentley SUV H5 ends far beyond the wechat boundary. Every step of the interaction illustrates the core feature “detailed” of the car and gives living proof of its “infinite” limits.




TED Talk by BMW former chief of design – Chris Bangle

A classic TED talk was given by the former chief of design of BMW Chris Bangle. He explains his philosophy on Car design. He understands that it can be difficult to see a car in terms of Art with a capital A. As such, he separates his work into issues of “automobiles” (unemotional products, causing problems such as pollution and congestion) and “car-iness” (an expansion of the human, and ultimately a truly artistic expression). Satisfying the tensions between these problems — and the tensions between engineers and designers — is, for him, the essence of his work.

BMW Car design process

It’s on a blank sheet of paper that designers first acquire their passion and emotion, solely through a pen and the hand that guides it.

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