Delta Marketing & Communications Update #2

 Qantas Out of Office Travelogue

Friends and colleagues recommendations are the highest driver for people planning their next vacations. Qantas took advantage of the out of office reply by connecting with people Instagram travel photos to transform an email that no one ever wanted to read into an inspiration to travel and an invitation to fly with Qantas. Qantas engaged more than 100

million people on the web while spending $0 on media. This is very similar to another campaign done by Westin but with much more visual inspirations.

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Westin Out of Office Generator, 2012

Westin created an out of office email generator that paired your vacation notice with a humorous and inspiring message about travel.


KLM: It’s an Airline

How do we make more people remember the KLM is an airline? It’s simple, just say it, say it many times, say it with a giant subtitle covering the screen and say it with your arms stretched out while pretending to fly around in the room.


Jetblue: Smell like true New York spirit

Jetblue created 180 outdoor posters each with an unique prize on it. But to claim the prize you must embrace your New York spirit and be willing to do some that seems borderline illegal, to steal the ad that is.


Jetblue: Golden Age of Flying

For Jetblue’s inaugural flight to Palm Spring, the airline created a campaign that harkens back to the golden age of flying when luxury comes standard with every flight, with a retro styled logo, a 1960 travel agency pop up store in New York and a 1960’s style flight experience.


Cathay Pacific: 香港很有戏

To celebrate Hong Kong’s 20 year anniversary of handover from UK Cathay Pacific created a campaign celebrating Hong Kong culture, featuring famous spots from Hong Kong movies and TV drama that many young mainlanders have gotten to know HK from to help promote tourism and the airline.

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