News and Commercial Recap update#1

Nike, most favored runaway shoes by criminal


Six out of the top 10 shoes on a new police database of footprints left at crime scenes are made by Nike.A police source said: “Criminals overwhelmingly use trainers, probably because they allow them to run fast.”This is a interesting fact that is in favour of Nike. Nike can follow up by sponsoring police force with Nike runners who is on the way to catch those criminals. It can generates social tension that aids in social justice.

Street basketball city tour ignite the summer heat



Grassroots basketball tournaments hasn’t been a new way of brand marketing methods. From the earlier Nike’s “Kobe disciples” to Anta’s “shock the game”, brands have changed this summer rite of passage from launching TV reality show to a promo tour recruitment. This year both Adidas and Anta released a short trailer to kick off its summer campaigns which connect with basketball fans through grassroots draft tour in each cities. This time both campaigns have added narration into its players and journey. Anta has even created catalog narrated by third person, with each journal entry dotted down stories behind the scenes, brotherhood between the marquee players it provides the audience with an emotional journey.


Without the doubt, Anta’s basketball campaign has been the one receiving the most social attention, and half of that credit belongs to its brand ambassador- Klay Thompson. He has been filmed and photographed being extremely goofy and having the time of his life in china which had inspired #ChinaKlay hashtag on twitter. On top of that Anta resigned Klay at the perfect time to wrap up his eventful tour.

Xstep says the only thing that will save you from the end of the world is running


In this fast paced world, everyone is running to not fall behind. Instead of providing an inspirational message, Xstep has given a new perspective on why do we have to run in its newly released commercial. This wild video featured human have been running since ancient time, running becomes a natural instinct as you can only depend on your bare foot in a time of an apocalypse.


After the airing, some consumers concerned about the meaning behind running that Xstep is trying to deliver. Viewers think running should be interpreted as facing the challenges not running away from pressure or unknown.

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