Monthly Special Combo update #1


Adidas wining recipe: do one thing and do it well.

Nike is bringing back heritage products.

Cultural awareness

Nike reconstructing, forcing it to go deep into local market.

Nike’s Pro hijab, calling for culture equality.


To win, do one thing and do it well .

                                          —ultra boostadidas boost

In the recent released Ranking—2017 brandZ top 100 most valuable global brands, Adidas not only outcompeted its biggest competitor Nike but also achieved the highest brand value percentage growth(+58%) on the list.

This success is due to adidas most ambitious technology—boost.  The emphasize on one single technology across all product lines has given the brand the most promising performance. From ultra boost to pure boost to Yeezy, adidas smartly uses one same technology to reinforce its product benefits.

With social influencer added to the right marketing, it seems like consumers can never get enough of “boost”. Adidas’ reinforcement on the same technology has etched its product benefits in consumers’ mind.

Nike Cortez is making a global comeback to reinforce its iconic, cultural identity

Los. Angeles U.S

us cortezus cortez1

Nordstrom and Nike have set up shop in L.A., launching the Cortez Market — a one-day shopping experience— to celebrate the iconic sneaker’s 45th anniversary.

Shanghai, China


Common Rare partner with Nike have set up creative booths in Taikoo Hui, featuring classic Cortez colorway.

Nike also seems to realize simplicity and classic, work better in this oversaturated market. Nike is making a big push to promote Cortez, reinforcing its place in the sneaker culture.

Cultural Awareness

Nike restructuring, making Nike faster, deeper, better

nike local.jpg

Nike announced on Thursday that will cut about 2 percent of its global work force in order to “deeply” serve consumers.

The strategy is aimed to localize products and styles, tailored to target cities.  Nike is cutting work force, simplifying its geographic structure to consolidate a more personal services. The mass customization will force Nike to dig into local market and be more socially aware.

Nike’s pro Hijab is making a bigger social impact than you think


Nike will debut the Nike Pro Hijab in spring 2018, in the recent ads Nike effectively shows the diversity of Muslim women, rising its voice in cultural awareness.
Though Nike isn’t the first, it is without question the biggest company to offer the garment and create concrete impact.
Nike announced a partnership with FIBA which is a signal that FIBA is serious about lifting the ban and making actual change to social negativity.

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