ABI Marketing & Communications Update #1

Corona, We make Summer


Corona’s biggest holiday Cinco de Mayo marks the start of “120 days of summer” as for decades the brand’s main focus is on summer activities.This year Corona is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a cool snapchat filter, a bell ringing at NYSE and first time ever outfitting the Time Square ball into a lime and #limedrop to mark the start of the celebrationc3


Jamaica meets Wu Tang meets Sam Adams meets Toy Story

As Samuel Adams looks to depart from the past focus on the art and craft of brewing, is looking to reconnect with customers  emotionally in a fresh new way. The new work features the brands new packaging with complete CGI, reggae cover of the Wu-Tang Clan bringing true summer vibe to the brands iconic summer ale.




Tiger, Beer With a Bite

Introducing the new tagline “Beer with Bite”, Tiger beer pays tribute to its asian heritage with a tour around Singapore’s vibrant streets and their favorite street foods.










Kona: Islanders review phone app

Kona beer’s new Kona reviews features its’ unique islander point of view on the world of mobile internet. You only live once, so do it right. right?



Budweiser brings back the frogs for Bud Light UK

164992!1489161280!601.jpgBudweiser brings the iconic frogs advert from the 1995 Super Bowl for the launch of Bud Light in UK, which will be ABI’s biggest ever brand campaign after a failed launch in 2001. Bud light is perfectly timed as changing younger consumers are looking for a lighter tasting, lower calories and ABV beer.



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